One of my writing guides, of which I own far too many, points out that you can’t write the perfect beginning until you know how the story ends.  It frames your story and the themes it will share in a way you can’t possibly achieve without seeing where the writing process dumps you after it drags you by your ankles through the woods.  I guess that makes the first post of a writing process blog a rather tricky thing to create.  I think that’s what excites me most about this journey I’m starting in a few weeks with National Novel Writing Month.  I truly have no idea how this will end.  No amount of plotting and preparing will show me the exact route I’ll take to that ending, and that’s terrifying and awesome.  Life’s badass like that.

So this blog is one part writer’s process journal, one part self-degrading fun, and one part venue for the ideas and prose that bring me to the final destination at the end of November.  You should read this blog if you like to write, or are thinking about writing and terrified of it, or are participating in NaNoWriMo and aren’t sure what that means to you yet.

You should read this blog if you’d like to share a bit of your own dreamscape with someone else, and see your ideas lend clarity to mine and create something that otherwise couldn’t be born.

You should read this blog if you have a passionate dream you’ve put off for so long that you’re not sure you’re worthy of it anymore.

I suppose you should read this blog if you want to know the beginning I’ll write when I finally get to the end.  The true beginning that future-me will create when I’m able to look back on this project and see myself as a character in my own story.